dear participants of zeitraum,


now, there are two more days until we all find a temporary home together on the wonderful site in deutzen. here is some important information.

- earliest arrival thursday 30.05.2019 - 12:00 -


// getting there //

in order to minimize our environmental impact, please use the sbahn instead of going by car.. every hour, the s5 departs from halle via leipzig to altenburg/zwickau and brings you directly to deutzen station, where we then wait for you.

for participants, who come from leipzig or the surrounding area, it is also a wonderful ride on the bike to come to us. on thursday, there will be a large bicycle tour group from the federal administrative court (simsonpl.1, 04107 leipzig // station: new town hall). we will meet there at 12 o'clock midday and start at 12.30. a sprinter will be standing by to take off your heaviest luggage so that you can start driving collectively relaxed!

if these options are not for you, or you do not want to do without your car, we would advise you once again to offer car pooling. please avoid empty car seats! we therefore have installed a facebook group:


in the events of a traffic jam in deutzen and on the festival site, please keep in mind that forming a rescue lane must be possible in all cases.

we ask you to only use the parking on the premises.


// children and pets //


zeitraum is neither a child nor a pet- safe room. we realised we haven’t explicitly been pointing that out so far and are sorry for that. yet we ask you to find a good place for your fosterlings to stay at and not bring them here.


// bring to zeitraum //


/ weatherproof /

it does get really cold at night- so please take care that you bring warm clothes and camping equipment! a waterproof jacket will be handy in the case of rain showers.


/ dishes and cutlery /

since we abstain from any plastic containers for drinks as well as food, please bring your own dishes and cutlery. they can be washed up at all times here.


// sustainability //


we are advancing our understanding of sustainability continuously and are therefore acting controversial to known festival habits:

/avoid trash with us/

there are a bunch food trucks on site that are ready to serve you with good food on fair prices. baked beans can therefore happily stay in the supermarket shelves.

/bring single use things as less as possible/

costumes and other decoration that is solely bought for zeitraum is nothing we support.


/do not use glitter! /

glitter are microplastics and that’s not as possible as it seems at first sight. we do not want to find any of it in the lake nor anywhere else on the premises. therefore simply don’t use it. you are beautiful the way you are, that’s also what lena and safhar are thinking.

/soap traces/ definitely to be avoided is polluting the lake or the soil on site with soap traces . washing yourself there with soap, shampoo or shower-gel is an absolute no-go. we are offering tensid free alternatives like rhassoul to use and try out.



all guestz, artistz, supporterz and participantz who are part of zeitraum bring their own life experience. these experiences arise from individual circumstances in society. since our birth, each one of us is classified in certain social categories and treated in the way they’re categorized. a few examples for these kinds of categories are skin colour, gender, physical abilities or financial opportunities - which are closely interlinked (intersectionality).


the foundation of ongoing social inequality are structural privileges, social marginalization and discrimination. in these cases, structural means are deeply embedded in our society(s). this necessarily concludes that everyone of us, who grew up in our society, profits or suffers from inequality that he*she incorporates.


that’s one reason why forms of discrimination like sexism, racism, ableism or other forms of discrimination are reproduced in our allday lives in an unconsciously way.


zeitraum is a new space, where the social consensus is that everybody is accepted as a wholesome human being and has the right to feel well.

we are aware of the fact that no one can free his*herself from their own socialization, but everyone can be more conscious of their own social position and privileges as well as being aware and empathic towards other people’s experiences of marginalization.


that’s what we want to try practically with you - all together - at zeitraum. so please be careful with each others and respect each others limitations.


to face difficult and unconscious situations during the festival in a more appropriate way, we trained an awareness-team which is called “a. wellness crew“. you can identify the team members of this crew easily by their purple caps or purple wests. you will find our a. wellness

crew at the infopoint as well as mobile teams walking around, who are accessible at all time. if the a. wellness crew is out of sight, there are contact persons at every bar, who can call the a. wellness crew via walkie-talkie.


please help us by calling us when noticing unaware behaviour which is offending, violating, etc. towards yourself or other people in your surrounding.


at whole zeitraum drugs aren’t recommended. please be responsible in handling your consumption.

// during zeitraum //


/ leave no trace /

if garbage piles up at your spot or you find anything on the way: dispose it sorted at any of our garbage stages. they can be found everywhere within a few steps

we will be providing you with garbage bags and portable ashtrays. please use these tools conscientiously.


/ no shirt, no service /

participants not wearing shirts will not be served at the bar or anywhere else. we do not want to unnecessarily reproduce sexism and structurally rooted defects of our society.


/ payment /

we do not have an atm on the premises or in deutzen. bring sufficient cash in advance.​

/ physical and mental health /

in addition to the musical program, there will be a series of workshops and other opportunities to participate. if you fancy physical and mental exercise, then bring your yoga mats or gymnastics mats with you!


/ party cipation /

we are all part of zeitraum. it lives on the participation of all of us. as described above, self-care, self-responsibility and self-efficacy are the values ​​and elements of the event in its entirety. let us be manifesting these together!

/ miscellaneous /

you can find more information on and on the facebook-event.  in any blur, do not hesitate to contact us.


in high anticipation,

the zeitraum krew